Green Dragon Kids Hat

Green Dragon Kids Hat

Item# R6094-OS
Why We Love This
Made of Excellent Quality polyester for comfortable and Lasting Wear

Creative and Funny Design for Your Kids

Ideal for St. Patrick, Halloween or Christmas

Product Details

  • Our dragon tail hat is made from silky black velvet fabric sewn together to create this treasure of a hat.
  • Different colored spiked horns are placed on our dragon hat and trail down onto an impressive tail of black fabric.
  • Our velvet hat is light-weight and easy to wear anywhere you go, whether that’s the pub or a game.
  • The tail itself is a nice length measuring at 21” and is covered in a row of colored spikes.
  • Our hat is one size fits most and has a bit of give in the fabric that makes it a comfortable wear.
Our horned dragon tail hat will be the life of any party you step in to. People will stop and stare in wonder when they see our horned dragon tail hat, you might even be mistaken for an actual dragon. Though you probably won’t but one can hope. What we can guarantee though is that our dragon tail hat will bring a smile to whoever sees it. This is the kind of hat that makes a statement and it will become your go-to for holidays and sports events galore.

The entirety of our horned dragon tail hat is made from felt material. Soft to the touch and highly flexible our felted dragon tail hat sits comfortably on your head. The lightweight material is as light as a cloud and is moldable enough to shape to your head with ease. Our dragon tail hat is a one size fits all but the velvet material gives our hat a bit of a stretch to help it can fit on most heads. The felt material extends down into a dragon tail that hangs down your back when worn.

Our hat has a unisex style to it so whether you are a guy or a girl you can wear our dragon tail spiked hat. Young or old, so long as your spirit is fun and open you can pull off wearing our colorful hat. The majority of our dragon tail hat is made from midnight black felt material that enhances the colorful spiked horns that adorn our dragon tail hat. The horns that cover our hat are bright pops of color that just adds to the whimsical nature of our novelty hat. There is a group of horns that lead from the center of the top of our hat and trail down to the very tip of the tail of our dragon hat.

That trail of spikes includes a total of 9 colorful spikes that follow in a line down the entire hat. Four additional spikes can be found on our dragon tail hat with a set of two spikes on either side of our hat. Each horn on our hat is unique in their own way, but the most distinguishing characteristics are the different colors each spike comes in. The spikes on our dragon tail hat come in yellow, green, dark blue, light blue, and red. The size of each spike also stands out as well, these aren’t small spikes that fade into the background and fall into uniform together. Each spike’s color was made to shine bright and capture the crowd.

For anyone who enjoys a hat that makes an impression and does the speaking for itself, you’ll love our hat. Like most novelty hats our dragon tail horn hat was not meant to blend into the crowd. It was designed to catch the eye and make a statement. So step outside of your comfort zone or gift our dragon tail hat to someone you know who has a vivacious personality that can handle the magnitude of wearing our horned hat.
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