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Why We Love This
Iconic national harp symbol

Included box makes it perfect for gifts

Striking colors and composition

Product Details

  • Our beautiful Enamel Harp Brooch features the traditional Irish harp that has long been used as Ireland's national symbol.
  • The striking design of our gorgeous brooch allows you to wear it with confidence to compliment a scarf or sweater to show off your Celtic heritage.
  • Our Enamel Harp Brooch is designed and hand-crafted by authentic Irish craft houses and made from highly durable enamel.
  • When you purchase our Enamel Harp Brooch, it comes wrapped in a complimentary presentation box, perfect for gifting to a loved one or friend.
  • Our brooch measures 1 5/8 in. x 1 in. and adds a pop of color to any outfit, finished in a beautiful turquoise, red, and green enamel with gold accents.
Surprise your loved ones with this amazing Irish Harp Broach. Historically, the Irish harp was crafted in Silver, Gold, or Plated designs. The Irish harp has several distinguishing features that make them popular in Irish traditions. The sounding box is carved out from a single block of willow wood. The Irish harp also incorporates a T-shaped four pillar, thick brass strings, and a heavy neck.

There are several reasons that make the Enamel Irish harp Broach a remarkable piece of jewelry. This pretty and unique broach with turquoise, red and green enamel with gold accent is a piece of jewelry every Irish girl needs. First, it is a unique piece of history to give as a gift to someone. This Enamel Harp Broach will also add extra spirit to a scarf or sweater. The Irish harp has long been a symbol of Irish culture since the tenth century. Throughout history, it was etched on robes and lapels of politicianís robes. And now, this ancient piece of history can be pinned on your outfit. This enamel harp broach will bring a new edge pinned on scarves and sweaters. The brooch is plated with gold and Irish green on the sides to symbolize class and Irish long-standing heritage. This magnificent broach measures about 1 5/8-inch tall by 1-inch wide. Itís unique design and coloring will be noticeable without necessarily overwhelming your outfit.

This Enamel Harp Broach will come in a gift box, making it convenient for gifting. This product is sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. They have for several years been dedicated to selling a supplying quality fine Irish gifts as well as authentic accessories for Irish Dance. They sell and supply Irish accessories from Antonio Pacelli, Corrís, Rutherford Shoes, Boyne Walk, Fays, Hullachan as well as foot care products from Bunheads. They're devoted to keeping the Irish dance tradition alive through providing quality products made in Ireland.
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