Fay's Original Flexi Irish Jig Shoe Hi Tech Tips and Heels

Fay's Original Flexi Irish Jig Shoe Hi Tech Tips and Heels

What Customers Are Saying
Loved the service and customer care team. I'm not used to buying dance shoes online but Keilys made it so easy and has great choice which was great! Lovely company to deal with.

Product Details

  • Our Fays Original Flexi is perfect for absolute beginners, children, and amateurs who like to take their time learning the basics.
  • Our highly durable Fays Original Flexi dance shoe remain stiff for a while, allowing novices to get comfortable with the movements without compromising any support.
  • Our carefully crafted Fays Original Flexi gradually increases the flex in direct proportion to individual requirements of the dancers.
  • Always retaining complete support no matter how much flexed it is, our Fays Original Flexi is bound to make beautiful memories that you will cherish for years to come.
  • Density heels are available from 9.5 children to 6.5 only. Adults between 8.5 and up may require a special order.
Made with original high-quality leather, the Fays Original Flexi is as durable as it gets. Complementing that durability with fantastic support, the Fays Original Flexi is the one that gets the ball rolling. The leather is phenomenally durable and lasts for years, and the exceptional shoe design and quality provide complete support to newbies. The Fays Original Flexi is unique in that it gives one the freedom to learn the basics and master the rules of the game; after which, the doors to greatness open effortlessly.

Since support is needed in the beginning, the Fays Original Flexi will remain a bit stiff for a while. This stiffness allows enough freedom to experiment with the techniques yet conserves ample support to let the techniques sink in without hitting a plateau. The high-quality Fays Original Flexi automatically develops a flex based on how often it is used, making itself match the dancers according to their individual learning curves. Now hereís the best part: as you grow in your learning curve, so does the degree of the flex; and yet, the Fays Original Flexi will always retain its support. Now thatís some incredible value for money. Canít beat that can we?

Similar to all shoes that Fays manufactures, the Fays Original Flexi also has the coveted Millenium tip, the flagship tip that Fays has developed after years of constant and never-ending improvement. The tip is so exceptionally durable that it outlasts the shoe life itself in many cases. On top of that, it also allows ample support to perform toe stands easily. Thus, allowing new dancers to get comfortable with the move they are bound to perform throughout their dancing career. The heels of the Fays Original Flexi are customized to bring out accurate heel clicks and deliver shotgun-like sounds when clicked. Providing support for beginners and combining it with the freedom that more advanced dancers enjoy in their routines, the Fays Original Flexi is the best of both worlds.

How to introduce your child to Irish Dancing? Where to start if you are an absolute beginner in the fantastic world of Irish Dance? What would be the best bet for an amateur? If you have any of the above questions boggling and harassing your peace of mind then we have your back. We bring you the one that started it all for everybody. Perfect for children, absolute beginners and amateurs, we present the Fays Original Flexi. Do not fret anymore about your dancing career and let all your worries go, we have brought you the best friend you can gift your children, the best tool for a budding beginner and the best instrument for an enthusiastic amateur.
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