Fays White Top Hard Shoe Black Suede Ultra Flexi

Fays White Top Hard Shoe Black Suede Ultra Flexi

Fays White Top Hard Shoe Black Suede Ultra Flexi
Item# F-SWT
What Customers Are Saying
If you're looking to get new shoes, stop here and look no further you will not be disappointed! Got my both my kid's shoes and they arrived within days. Excellent site and great customer service!

Product Details

  • The highest quality 100% calf leather brings an all-around sturdiness to our Fays White Tops.
  • Fays High Tec heels screwed into the shoe add toughness and solidity to our Fays White Tops and produce incredible sounds on the dance floor.
  • Our Fays White Tops come with the Millenium tip that is articulated after years of hard work, adding a poignant touch to an already awesome shoe.
  • The highly durable Millenium tip and solid heels of our Fays White Tops work together and extend the shoe life to an even greater degree.
  • Crafted with focus and experience, our Fays White tops stands as a symbol of a never-ending passion for Irish dance.
An exquisite combination of durability and flexibility, the Fays White Top is here to enchant. An Irish Dance shoe that is worn by champions and go-getters, the Fays White Tops brings superior quality to your dancing style. Made from 100% calf leather, the Fays White Tops adds sturdiness and adaptability to every dancing move you have. The premier quality calf leather has a gentle texture and the competence to last for years to come. The trifecta of comfort, quality, and grace that the Fays White Tops possesses is difficult to find anywhere else. The Fays White Top jig shoe is bestowed with the ability to charm. It flows smoothly and allows you to create miracles on the dance floor. This swiftness is partnered with splendid durability and glorious balance, making up the best recipe for a memorable dance performance. The longevity of the shoe – due to its high-quality leather – provides insurance of sorts to all dancers, allowing them to bring out their best on the dance floor. Add all this to the beautiful uppers and swift buckles of the Fays White Tops, and you get the ease and relaxation that great dancers enjoy during competitions.

The heels of the Fays White Tops are High Tec heels screwed into the shoe. This gives an added toughness and solidity to the shoe accompanied by a magnificent sound. The heels are also customized for comfort and support on the dance floor. Thus, making the Fays White Tops an incredible choice. Like all Fays shoes, the Fays White Tops are also graced with the Millenium tip. The Millenium tip is the flagship Fays tip that is created after years of focused research and development. It is designed for supreme durability and endurance, and hence, brings the same durability and endurance to the Fays White Tops. What’s more is the fact that the Fays White Tops comes with a flattened toe that makes the coveted toe stand to look like a walk in the park.

The Fays White Tops makes a distinguished sound when dancing and adds an aura of charm to an already masterful performance. The dance floor becomes a plethora of joy when you move around in your Fays White Tops. People watch with exhilaration as you demonstrate your passion for your art. The balance and ease provided by the Fays White Tops are second to none. The Fays White Tops also protects your feet with utmost care – like cradling a baby – when you put it on. These delightful characteristics with the merit that Fays already has, make the Fays White Tops a fantastic monetary investment – an investment that is bound to bring greater returns in times to come.
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