Feistastic 2 CD Tina Jordan Rees

Feistastic 2 CD Tina Jordan Rees

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Féistastic 2 is the vibrant new CD from Tina Jordan Rees.

Following on from her hugely popular debut Irish dance CD, this second release combines the energy and bounce of Féistastic with even more exciting tunes, rhythms and arrangements to create a fresh new sound that is set to energise and inspire beginners and champions alike.

Across the 19 tracks on Féistastic 2 there are a total of 49 tunes, 17 of which are new original compositions by Tina. With music for dancers at all levels, including a special "Presentation Music" track, Féistastic 2 is packed with exciting material to bring zing to your dance class, practice or displays.

Track List 1. Reels 2. Reels 3. Reels 4. Slips Jigs 5. Slip Jigs 6 Slip Jigs 7. Heavy Jigs 8. Heavy Jigs 9. Heavy Jigs 10. Hornpipes 11. Hornpipes 12. Hornpipes 13. Light Jigs 14. Hop Jigs 15. Beginner Reels 16. Beginner Slip JIgs 17. Beginner Heavy Jigs 18. Beginner Hornpipes 19. Presentation Reels
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