Guinness Barware, Glassware and Mugs

    Stock up your home bar and kitchen with our collection of Guinness barware, glassware, and mugs. You can now enjoy drinking your favorite Guinness beer at home out of an official Guinness piece of glassware. Youíll have the hippest at-home bar with a great selection of Guinness barware and glassware for your guests to choose from. Here you can find Guinness pint glasses, Guinness tankards, Guinness mugs, and a collection of classic barware items.

Guinness Pint Glasses Selection

    Our collection of Guinness glassware includes Guinness pint glasses and Guinness tankards for your drinking pleasure. Pint glasses have been around since the 20th century and have become the standard custom for drinking beer and can be found in many beer advertising campaigns. We have a collection of Guinness tulip pint glasses that perfectly hold your beer and stand tall and sleek on any counter.
    The tulip pint glass was created to be a modern glass, stepping away from the heavy, clunky pint glasses of old. Itís the tall shape and sloping sides that flare out at the top that make it a unique pint glass that is easily identifiable. Itís known that Guinness should be enjoyed in a tulip pint glass for the best enjoyment and in 2010 Guinness created a new line of Guinness tulip pint glasses. You will love the beautiful glasswork techniques that went into the making of the tulip pint glasses as well as the wonderful Guinness label that can be found on all of our Guinness glassware.

Various Guinness Tankards

    We also have a collection of Guinness tankards as well for people who like more weight to their drinking glasses. Our Guinness tankards come in both smooth glass and dimpled glass. The dimples of our Guinness tankards, or mugs, allow you to grip onto the glass without the fear of your beer slipping from your hands. Thick glass handles also allow you to solidly grip our Guinness tankards both dimpled and not with no worries of the glass slipping from your hands. Our tankards come in a range of clear glass, colored glass, and pewter for your use and enjoyment.

Guinness Mugs Ideas

    As stated before we also carry a great line of well made Guinness mugs that make the perfect addition to the collection of mugs we know you have. Our Guinness mugs will become the go to mug in your home, so get a few because everyone will be wanting to use it. Our mugs are made from thick ceramic, making them perfect for hot drinks like tea, coffee, and even a hot toddy. Ceramic is a highly porous material that acts as an insulator, trapping heat pockets and slowing down the cooling process of hot liquids. Now you can enjoy that hot drink longer than you can with a regular glass mug. With different styles, colors, and shapes you can find your new favorite mug.
    Add some of our Guinness barware to go with your new Guinness glassware. You can outfit your home bar or kitchen with our Guinness tea towels, wall bottle openers, and magnets. Protect your counters and tables from stains and unsightly rings with our Guinness coasters. With tons of great styles, our Guinness coasters look great sitting out on your table. And if youíre dedicated to upping your Guinness drinking game get yourself one of our Guinness pouring spoons to serve the perfect pint of beer.
    Our collection of Guinness glassware, barware, and mugs help to elevate your bar game. So invite over some friends and family and host that party you keep putting off. Pull out your new Guinness tankards and pint glasses, whip out that pouring spoon, and show everyone how well you know your beer.
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