Bottle Green Ireland Bobble Knit Hat

Bottle Green Ireland Bobble Knit Hat

Item# R6121-OS
What Customers Are Saying
Comfortable and stylish in a slightly eccentric way. Love the unique Irish products at Keilys!

Product Details

  • A fun dual colored bobble attracts the eyes and stands out on the top of our Ireland knit hat.
  • Tightly knit fabric comes together to keep you nice and warm during the cooler months of the year.
  • Our bobble knit hat has a close fit that is reminiscent of a skull cap, molding closely to your head.
  • The word Ireland is knit into the fabric of our bobble hat and is placed towards the bottom in capital letters.
  • Stylish and comfortable are two words that describe our Ireland bobble knit beanie with itís classic style.

  • The deep color of our Bottle Green Ireland Bobble Knit Hat is a striking way to stay warm on blustery days! Made by Traditional Crafts, this soft acrylic beanie makes it easy to wear your Irish pride, and a green and white pom pom adds fun texture.

    Our Ireland bobble knit hat is the hat you will need when you are out on the field cheering for your favorite Irish team or walking the farmers market on a cool fall day. Itís the knit hat that is gonna keep you warm as you venture outside so youíll barely even notice the cold. Thereís nothing flashy about our Ireland knit hat, itís just a good old fashioned beanie that speaks for itself.

    Our Ireland knit bobble hat is simple in shape and style allowing you to wear it just about everywhere. Itís length is just a little bit longer than your average skull cap but it has the same close fit as a classic skull cap. The knit fabric of our bobble hat molds closely to the shape of your head and prevents cold air from sneaking under our knit hat.

    On the top of our knit hat is an adorable bobble made from blended yarn fibers. The bobble adds a touch of fun to the overall design of our Ireland knit hat and is attractive to look at. You will always be easy to spot in the crowd, just tell your friends to look for the cute bobble weaving through the crowds. The bobble is stitched down close to the top of our hat and the quality of craftsmanship guarantees that you wonít have to worry about your bobble easily detaching from our hat.

    Further down on our solid knit hat another eye catcher is the word ĎIrelandí knit into our hat. It stands out on an otherwise solid color hat and the capital letters highly defined and easy to read. When people see you in our Ireland bobble knit hat they will instantly know which country is your favorite. Our knit hat is a great casual hat that will get you through many a winter and youíll love it just as much in the future as you do now.
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