Guinness Wall Art

    There’s nothing that ties together the decor or a room like a wonderful piece of wall art, specifically Guinness wall art. That’s right, you can now proudly display your deep love for everything Guinness with our collection of official Guinness wall art. Whether you are decorating your bachelor pad, your home bar, your college dorm, or you just love fun art pieces that stand out you will love our Guinness wall art. Here you will find Guinness wall calendars, Guinness metal wall art pieces, and Guinness wall art pieces made from quality pieces of wood.

Guinness Metal Signs Ideas

    All of our Guinness wall art pieces have bold designs that instantly capture the viewer's eye with their catchy slogans and strong color choices. Our Guinness metal wall art is especially sleek and is great for anyone into more modern decor. Within our Guinness metal wall art, we have rectangular signs with different types of Guinness beer imagery printed on it. For an interesting and dynamic piece of wall art to hang in your home, you’ll enjoy our Guinness metal wall art that comes in the shape of a Guinness bottle cap. They are like nothing you’ve ever seen before with their bottle cap shape and fun prints. And for the ever-busy person who enjoys having a wall calendar hanging up our “A Guinness A Day” wall calendar makes the perfect addition.

Wooden Guinness Signs Collection

    In our selection of Guinness wooden wall art, you will find both round and rectangular pieces of wall art all made out of solid wood. Guinness’ wooden wall art collection has a very vintage, reclaimed wood kind of feel to them. They're almost painted look adds a bit of character to these pieces of art. Many of our round wooden wall art pieces are styles after signature bottle tops like the Guinness logo or the Harpoon logo. The round wooden art pieces can also be found in both circular and oval shapes.

Traditional Guinness Canvas Wall Art

    For the more traditional wall art people who prefer hanging up a nice canvas we have a collection of canvas Guinness wall art that comes in both modern and vintage styles. Our modern canvas Guinness wall art pieces include a range of prints that pop with their minimalist styles and fun color choices. Many of our canvas Guinness wall art pieces include the Guinness toucan carrying a Guinness stout beer. With different styles and art formats, you are sure to find a canvas that speaks to you.
    Our classic collection features the work of John Gilroy, an artist who created Guinness’ print advertisement and copy in the 1930s. Once hired by Guinness to create an advertising campaign for their stout beer they had one specific request, and that was for the ads to not solely focus on the beer. So he created a zookeeper and a cast of animals including the toucan, turtle, and the lion who were always seen snagging a Guinness beer from the zookeeper.
    The advertisements were widely popular, with the cartoon toucan being a fan favorite with his catchy slogans and brightly colored beak. Many of our metal, wood and canvas art pieces display John Gilroy’s advertising prints paying homage to the art that started it all. You can now have your very own piece of John Gilroy art featuring catchy slogans like “My Goodness, My Guinness” and “Lovely Day for a Guinness”.
    Guinness has done just as great a job-creating wonderful pieces of wall art as they have to craft the perfect stout beer. All of our Guinness wall art pieces will look great hanging up on any wall in your home and make wonderful conversation starters. With such a large range of vintage and modern Guinness wall art for your selection, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one.
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