Kids Shamrock Hat Pink

Kids Shamrock Hat Pink

Item# PF7342
What Customers Are Saying
I wanted a nice wool hat for my daughter for fall and winter and found this excellent little hat. The fit is spot on for her and it looks very cute on her. Great color as well.

Product Details

  • A blend of 55% acrylic and 45% cotton creates our kid's bobble hat, giving it a soft and supple feel.
  • Two soft and fluffy bobbles on the top of our kid's shamrock knit hat add a youthful and playful element.
  • A honeycomb Aran stitch stands out on the front of our kid's shamrock bobble hat along with other Aran stitches.
  • Our kid's bobble hat stays secure on your childís head thanks to the finished ribbed kit band.
  • The Patrick Francis logo in the bottom left corner authenticates our kids knit hat as a Patrick Francis original.
Our Patrick Francis shamrock kids bobble hat is the perfect addition to your childís cool weather wardrobe. Knit to perfection in the traditional Aran style, our kidís shamrock bobble hat is an adorable creation of Ireland knitting that stands out. The attention to detail that the Patrick Francis team has put into the creation of our shamrock bobble hat is evident at first glance. Their team captured the fun, whimsical nature of childhood with the inclusion of not one but two fluffy bobbles that sit proudly on the top of our knit hat.

The two bobbles at the top of our shamrock hat are soft to the touch and are the first thing that your eyes go to. They give a special touch to your childís hat, making the perfect match for your childís playful and vibrant personality. Our kidís shamrock bobble hat has a wonderful mix of Aran stitches that work together to make up a lovely pattern on our kid's hat. Featured at the center of our kidís knit hat is an Aran honeycomb pattern that pops out in an almost 3D kind of way and adds an extra layer of texture to our kidís hat. A series of neat stocking stitches create a ribbed knit band that finishes off our kidís knit hat. The ribbed knit ensures that our knit hat fits snugly to your childís head, keeping your child warm and cozy while they are outside playing.

In the bottom left corner of our kidís shamrock bobble hat, you can find a Patrick Francis tag with the letters P.F. stitched into it to complete our kidís shamrock bobble hat. Our kid's hat is made from a mix of acrylic and cotton, the perfect mix to help lock in heat while still providing breathability. The mix of fibers is also soft to the touch and easily molds to the shape of your childís head. You can be sure that with our Patrick Francis shamrock bobble hat you and your child are getting a high-quality article of clothing that will last through the years.

Patrick Francis is known within the fashion world for being synonymous with luxury and their integrity when it comes to the products they create is unparalleled. They are a company that is based in the heart of Dublin Ireland and they have been committed to keeping the traditional craftsmanship of Ireland alive through their collection of knitwear and other goods for over a decade. Their knitwear is solidly based in the Aran style of Irish knitting and you can see how theyíve managed to master the technique.

The Aran style of knitting is one of the many points of pride in Ireland and has managed to spread its style globally. The technique began in the small seaside fishing villages of the Aran Islands during the 1930s, and this style of knitting has continued to be a highly popular style among the knitting community ever since its creation. Its no wonder that the Patrick Francis team incorporated this traditional Irish pattern into their designs to highlight their Irish roots.

The Aran stitches have transformed from a simple way to identify the men they were made for a stylish eye-catching feature that adds character and design. And that character and design shine through on our kid's shamrock bobble hat. Your child will love wearing our kid's shamrock bobble hat just as much as youíll love seeing them wear it.
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