Ladies Crew Cardigan - Made from Merino Wool

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■ Constructed from 100% soft Merino wool for durability, maximum comfortability as well as a sophisticated designer look.
■ Timeless, elegant classic look complimented by leather-look buttons and honeycomb stitches that represent hard work and its returns.
■ Aran style patch front pockets offering a sense of Irish workman life quality to this timeless, elegant sweater.
■ Designed and crafted in Ireland with Aran construct and finishes, which has a long reputation of producing some of the worlds greatest Aran you could find.
■ This sweater is available in variable colors and sizes from small to extra large with close adherence to the original Aran style designs.

Timeless elegance, this Merino Wool Aran Lumber Jacket will bring sophistication and elegance to any occasion and is set to be a head turner wherever you go. The classic ultra-stylish knit patterns of the sweater are highlighted by thick 100% merino wool, ensuring maximum comfortability and sophistication. Complimented by leather-look buttons, this gorgeous sweater from Aran Sweater Market with two front pockets for the woman on the go is both elegant and versatile. Unbutton it on warmer days or compliment it with a scarf on chillier days for a more daring designer look.

The Aran Sweaters have a deep history. They were specially designed to suit life on the Islands found on the West coast of Ireland. Some of the sweater’s attributes that brings out fashionable modern features were designed to suit the lifestyle of the island’s fishermen and farmers. Originally designed as a mens formal wear, this cardigan has become a staple for both women’s and men’s closet since the mid-last century. It's leather-look buttons, front pockets and honeycomb patterns are ideal for life on the rough referencing menswear features while its underlined design makes it a versatile piece of feminine outwear.

The honeycomb stitches and leather look buttons are classic Aran knitwear designs that add a magnificent depth to the sweater’s texture. The patterns hold a strong message to the people of Aran islands, who have lived off the sea as fishermen and farmers for generations. The Aran people were hard working folk. Living isolated in the West coast islands of Ireland offered little sustenance, and working hard was the order of the day. The honeycomb stitches signified the bee. The insect in Irish culture represented hard work and its rewards. This stitch included on garments was symbolic of plenty and good luck.

The Aran sweater was first crafted by residents of Galway Bay, a remote island in the West coast of Ireland. The inhabitants of these islands were farmers and fishermen whose livelihoods were deeply intertwined. The Aran sweaters are a product on this kind of environment, and over the centuries have been passed down from one generation to the next. The distinct knitting style was developed to be water resistant as well as offer insulation when the cold Atlantic winds blew from the west. This sweater can absorb 30% of its weight before it feels wet. The natural 100% merino wool used is breathable, drawing water vapor from the skin, releasing it into the air, helping the wearer maintain an ideal temperature. Most importantly, the Aran sweater was designed to keep the wearer warm on cold days and nights both in the farms or at sea.

The Aran sweater is crafted and designed by the communities of the small Island of Inis Mor. The Aran Sweater Market that supplies them has been in operation since 1892. With a vision to provide quality Aran sweaters, this company has been at the forefront of safeguarding the Aran culture through supplying 100% authentic Aran Knitwear. With markets in Dublin, Galway, and Killarney, they only work with the best of Irish designers to bring the true beauty of Aran culture knitwear to the global audience. The Aran Sweater Market started its foundation in Inis Mor and is currently Ireland’s leading supplier of original Aran garments. Their success lies in their devotion to offering the best Aran construction, design, and finishes.