V-Neck Button-Up Cable Knit Cardigan

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■  Lovely Irish cardigan made of 100% sustainable and moisture-resistant Merino Wool for comfortable wear all year round

■ Authentic design featuring traditional cable and basket Aran stitches inspired by the fishermen’s sweaters

■ Knitted with two practical pockets, a large V-neckline, and functional button closure for a versatile layering

■ A cultural piece of clothing made in Ireland by Aran Woollen Mills that would make a treasured Irish gift for a loved one


Balance in comfort and warmth with our stylish V-Neck Button-Up Cable knit cardigan, the perfect piece of knitwear throughout all seasons. This traditional cardigan is crafted of 100% Merino Wool, a sustainable and eco-friendly material that ensures comfortable wear for years to come. You can stay cozy without overheating due to the Merino Wool’s heat-insulating properties and breathability. In addition, Merino Wool wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry even on brisk winter days or hot summers.

What makes this cardigan special is the timeless design that celebrates the fusion of Ireland’s past and present on the intricate Aran Stitches. The elegant cable and bold basket stitches create depth and texture with layers of Irish history and heritage while telling beautiful stories about the Islands of Ireland. The cable pattern represents the ropes of Aran fishermen and symbolizes the wish for a good catch and fortune. The basket stitch portrays the baskets used by fishermen to keep fish on their boats, representing the hopes of catching more fish and having success at sea.

This Irish cardigan has a deep V-neckline that allows layering over different types of clothing, such as collared shirts or turtlenecks, with a skirt, jeans, or pulled up over a dress, creating a refined and put-together look. The functional buttons and pockets provide both convenience and flexibility, making the cardigan a practical choice for daily wear. The addition of the practical pockets offers a place to keep essentials like your keys, phone, and coins, or even warm your hands when needed.

Whether gifted to a loved woman in your life or chosen as a personal treasure, this cardigan not only offers warmth and style but also carries with it the essence of Irish history and culture becoming an important part of your wardrobe.