Women's Irish Cable Knit Merino Cardigan

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■ Crafted from sustainable 100% Supersoft Merino wool, a material that offers softness, breathability, and insulation, making it the perfect choice for keeping you comfortable in every season.

■ Featuring intricate cable, basket, and moss stitching, each pattern carries rich symbolism and tradition, making this cardigan a true work of art.

■ Versatility meets style with the option to wear it open or fasten the collar adorned with three sustainable, smooth corozo buttons, allowing you to create your unique and captivating look.

■ Proudly made in Ireland, this cardigan reflects the heritage and craftsmanship of the Emerald Isle


Our Women's Irish Cable Cardigan is a true embodiment of sustainable luxury and Irish cultural heritage. At the heart of this cardigan is our commitment to sustainability. This piece is crafted from 100% Supersoft Merino wool, a material renowned for its exceptional softness, breathability, and insulation properties, making it an ideal choice for comfort in all seasons. The cardigan's design is a testament to the rich symbolism of traditional Irish knitting stitches. The cable stitch, resembling fishermen's ropes, symbolizes luck and prosperity at sea, paying homage to the maritime heritage of Ireland. The moss stitch, reminiscent of Ireland's lush green landscapes, connects the wearer to the beauty of the Emerald Isle. The basket stitch, characterized by its interlocking pattern reminiscent of woven baskets, symbolizes the unity and strength of the Irish community. With each stitch, this cardigan weaves a story of Irish tradition and craftsmanship. What makes our cardigan truly unique is its versatility. You can wear it open, draping elegantly over your shoulders, allowing the intricate stitches to take center stage. Alternatively, fasten the three sustainable, smooth corozo buttons for a different and entirely unique look that accentuates the raised collar. The corozo buttons, derived from the tagua nut, reflect our commitment to using eco-friendly materials that minimize environmental impact. Proudly made in Ireland, this cardigan embodies the essence of Irish heritage and craftsmanship. It celebrates the timeless art of knitting, passed down through generations, and showcases the enduring beauty of traditional Irish design.