Mucros Weavers Three-Button Closure Poncho

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■ Handcrafted from 100% Tweed Wool
■ Satin Lining
■ One size fits all. Dimensions: 64cm L x 124cm W
■ Three-button closure
■ Made in Killarney, Ireland by Mucros Weavers


The Mucros Weavers Three-Button Closure Poncho is a beautiful piece that will keep you warm and help you look great this winter season. Made in Ireland from 100% tweed wool by Mucros Weavers, this poncho is a one size fits all that has a satin lining to ensure that you will be warm and comfortable no matter how cold the outside temperatures. The poncho measures approx. 25 inches in length by approx. 49 inches in width. It features a beautiful three-button closure that elevates the style of the poncho. Don’t get caught outside without enough layers this season. This poncho will keep you cozy as you get out and about.