Mens Aran Half Zip Merino Sweater - Cream

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■ Knit from 100% luxurious merino wool and lined with brushed fleece

■ Features a versatile half-zipped collar with a classic rib knit finish

■ The design features traditional cable and honeycomb Aran stitchings

■ Made in Ireland by Aran Woollen Mills, an Irish knitwear manufacturer

■ Handwash in lukewarm water with mild detergent and dry on a flat surface


Elevate your style with the timeless Irish elegance of our Men’s Aran Knit Zip Top Sweater. Made of 100% Soft Merino Wool, this Irish Sweater is comfortable, highly breathable, and cozy. Merino Wool is one of the highest-quality materials used in the knitting industry as it is fully natural and made from Merino Sheep, an animal known for its very fine and soft wool. It also has great temperature-regulating properties to make sure that you can comfortably wear this sweater during the summer as well as in winter. The design features traditional Aran stitching displayed using Cable, Basket, and Honeycomb patterns. The Cable Stitch is the most popular pattern used for Aran sweaters and is thought to represent the fishermen’s ropes. This pattern was knitted by the fishermen’s wives to wish them safety and good luck when going out to sea. The Honeycomb stitch is thought to represent hard-working bees and the sweet rewards they receive for their efforts. The basket stitch is thought to mirror the baskets used by the fishermen and symbolize a prayer for a bountiful catch. This design is also topped off with ribbed cuffs and a half zip top that adds extra coziness and convenience. The zip neckline makes this piece perfect for layering with other clothing and can be incorporated flawlessly with a myriad of styling options. Level up your fashion game with our Men’s Aran Knit Zip Top Sweater.