Irish Raglan Super Soft Merino Wool Sweater

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■ Exquisite ladies’ Aran cable sweater crafted from 100% supersoft Merino wool, an incredibly smooth, organic, and heat-insulating material that is ideal for around the year wear
■ Designed with authentic Aran cable and basket stitches, patterns knitted into the sweaters of Irish fishermen for centurie as representations of good luck and abundance
■ Features raglan sleeves and a chunky cable mock-neck for a timelessly sophisticated, yet relaxed appearance that perfectly complements any outfit
■ Made with the same techniques that have been passed down through generations of Irish weavers, our cardigan is the perfect way to treat yourself and add a lasting piece to your wardrobe


Immerse yourself into the rich knitting heritage of the Emerald Isle with our Irish Raglan Super Soft Merino Wool Sweater!

This exquisite knitwear piece is crafted with care and attention to detail from 100% supersoft Merino wool, a sustainably-sourced material that offers a smooth feel to the skin. This type of wool is widely appreciated for its heat-insulating properties, ensuring to keep you cool during warmer seasons and cozy during colder ones, making this sweater a perfect choice for around the year wear. What makes it truly special is its culturally-inspired design, with stitches and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation of Irish weavers!

The iconic Aran cable stitch, a pattern used ever since the 19th century, is a symbol of good luck and abundance, alluding to the hard-working fishermen from the Aran islands. The basket stitch, showcased under the sleeves, is a representation of the tools used by the fishermen and symbolizes abundance. Each stitch in our sweater tells a wonderful story shared by the communities of Irish people from rustic and picturesque towns, making this piece a true celebration of history and culture. The raglan sleeves and chunky cable mock-neck are timelessly elegant details that will perfectly complement any outfit. This sweater can be styled with casual jeans, an elegant skirt, or with a matching knitted Aran scarf for the ultimate Irish look.

You can gift it to your loved ones or treat yourself and connect with Irish roots while looking stylish at all times!