Frances Celtic Knot Scarf - Black/Tan

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■ Celtic knot scarf crafted from 100% viscose, a soft, comfy material with a luxurious sheen

■ Authentically designed with intricate Celtic knotwork, a symbol of connection and continuity

■ Measures 28” in width and 70” in length, with fringe trims that elevate any outfit and style

■ Makes a unique present for anyone wishing to spice up their appearance and celebrate Celtic culture


Infuse your outfits with Celtic meaning and elegance by choosing our Because I like it Frances Celtic Knot Scarf - Black/Tan! This scarf is made with great attention to detail, from 100% viscose, a smooth, yet durable material that feels soft to the touch and has a luxurious sheen. The design of our scarf features intricate Celtic knotwork patterns, displayed across the length of this piece. These infinitely intertwined loops are a representation of the Celtic belief that all things in the universe are connected for eternity, adding cultural authenticity and meaning to your ensemble. The scarf measures 28” in width and 70” in length and has decorative fringe trims that create a stunning movement effect. This accessory is easy to style with all outfits and perfect for year round wear as it can be draped around the shoulders or wrapped around the neck. Our Celtic scarf makes a lovely present for the mother, daughter, sister, or friend you hold dear!