Mucros Weavers Merino Wool Skelling Irish Scarf in Pink

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■ Warm and soft accessory, made in Killarney, Ireland by Mucros Weavers
■ Composition: 87% fine merino wool, 8% polyamide, 5% cashmere; only dry clean recommended
■ Size: 68” length and 9” width
■ Charming blend of colors, with a statement, pink a base, which creates a very fashionable, traditional, yet contemporary look


Wearing warm clothes or layering does not mean your outfit has to be less fashionable. This cold season, wear our Mucros Weavers Merino Wool Skellig Irish Scarf in Pink for a warm and stylish look! Made in Ireland, by Mucros Weavers, this scarf is made of a premium merino wool blend and combines luxury with functionality. This accessory has a composition of 87% fine merino wool, 8% polyamide, and 5% cashmere. It is soft, warm, but very breathable and comfortable for prolonged wear. The exact sizes of the scarf are 68” in length x 9” in width. Dry clean only is recommended for preserving its brand new condition even after years. The design is rustic, yet the modern blend of colors. This shade of pink is a beautiful, statement color, combined with splashes of white and green for a perfectly tailored look. It combines traditional with contemporary in a chic and versatile accessory, that is perfect for the cold months of the year.