Mucros Weavers Classic Irish Herringbone Flapper Hat

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■ Made from 100% wool tweed and fully lined to ensure a comfortable wear
■ One size fits all thanks to the elasticated band at the back of the hat
■ Features a classic herringbone design for an authentic touch
■ Stylish decorative band with a lovely buckle featuring an antique finish
■ Made in Ireland at the historical Muckross House in County Kerry


The flapper hat is a type of headwear for women that became popular in the 1920s. Although this hat was emblematic of that era, the popularity of the style did not fade away. In fact, the flapper hat is as popular as ever. The appeal lies in the feminine shape with the lovely short brim and the elegant decorative band. Anyone can wear the hat because it can be easily adjusted to any head shape thanks to the elastic interior band. Besides, it is made from high-quality wool tweed which ensures that the hat is warm, durable, and weather-resistant - perfect for cold weather. The material is best preserved by dry cleaning.