Men's Herringbone Tweed Kerry Flat Cap in Grey

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■ Made from 100% wool
■ Perfect for both men and women
■ Traditional peak-style flat cap with sewn fastening
■ Luxurious quilted lining
■ Made in Killarney, Ireland by Mucros Weavers


Express your style in comfort with our Men's Herringbone Tweed Kerry Flat Cap in Grey. This flat cap is knitted of 100% wool, providing long-lasting comfort as well as an elegant look. It is not only incredibly warm and durable but also moisture-wicking and weather-resistant - the perfect accessory to wear all year round, it will protect you against UV lights as well as against humidity. What makes this cap special is its culturally-inspired design. It's exquisitely inspired by traditional Irish flat caps popularized in the 1920s. Despite their massive popularity over the last century, the original flat caps date back to the 1570s, when they were a required part of one's wardrobe, especially on Sundays and holidays. The herringbone pattern gives an extra dose of Irishness and sophistication due to its richness. For the best results, please dry clean only.