Mucros Weavers Purple Herringbone Flapper Irish Hat

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■ Made in Ireland, by Mucros Weavers, top quality manufactured
■ 100% luxurious wool, for an extremely soft a warm feeling, yet very breathable for extra comfort
■ Stunning Cap Design: decorative buckle and hatband combined with a sleek purple herringbone pattern
■ Vintage piece, perfect for feminine looks and ideal for winter fashion


A must-have piece from our ladies' Irish flapper hat selection that needs to be added to your winter wardrobe, our Mucros Weavers Purple Herringbone Flapper Irish Hat is the perfect way to showcase your Irish roots! Made in Ireland, by Mucros Weavers, a leading manufacturer of traditional Irish accessories, this cap is the perfect accessory for the cold season. Made of 100% fine wool, this hat is very warm and soft, but also naturally breathable for increased comfort - so it can be worn all day long without issues. The fit is adjustable - one size fits all. Besides being highly functional, it is also a charming piece of fashion to bring a spark of elegance to any outfit. The cap is provided with a decorative buckle and hatband and the overall design encapsulates Irish heritage in a delicate manner, being a homage to the traditional Irish art of handmade wool hats. The herringbone pattern is an exquisite design, with roots deep back in time, in the Roman Empire and nowadays it is a very popular pattern in high fashion. A piece crafted in a vintage feminine style that combines function, design, and heritage, this product is the perfect gift from Ireland! Either for someone with Irish roots or just a fashion lover, it guarantees to be a thoughtful present that can be made on multiple occasions.