Antonio Pacelli Irish Dance Loop Pumps Ghillies Reel Soft Shoes

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■ The Loop pump revolutionized the fit of the dance pump and the design still sets the standard for dance pumps.
■ The Antonio Pacelli company has over 25 years of experience fitting and creating dance pumps for the dance community.
■ Elastic loops at the base of the ankle provide extra hold to keep your pumps in place while you dance.
■ A full leather sole helps to train your feet to properly achieve the stretch needed to create a beautiful arch.

■ Our Loop pump is great for any level dancer but is especially well suited for beginner dancers starting strength training.

The one thing every Irish dancer needs is a great and high quality pair of dance shoes. And the Antonio Pacelli Irish Dance company has been one of the leaders in the creation of Irish dance shoes. Their company covers a range of different dancewear, supplying a surplus of wigs, clothing, and shoes. The company was founded in 1980 by Tom Gavigan, a Westmeath native. The company was named after his parents Anthony and Patricia, with a distinctive Italian sound to promote his leather coming from Italy. He initially became well known when he took over the company Design Shoes in Harlesden.


At the time his focus wasn’t centered around Irish dance and the shoes that came with it. But there was a large Irish community in the neighborhood who had a need and he had the ability to fulfill it. Once they heard his accent they naturally assumed he had experience with Irish dance shoes. Luckily for the Irish dance community, Tom Gavigan took their requests to heart and so began his journey into the Irish dance world.


Gavigan started by doing his research on Irish dance shoes and the key components of those shoes. Then he designed and developed his own shoes, and to this day his shoes are some of the best selling pumps in the dance community. The company expanded to eventually include his two sons Adrian and Aloysius who helped the company stay up to date during technological expansion. They also play a major part in the creation of new dance pumps.

The Antonio Pacelli dance pumps are renowned for their ingenious design and their dependability. Our Loop pump, for instance, was designed over dinner by Gavigan’s son Adrian. The Loop pump was a major game changer in the realm of Irish dance pumps. They changed the fit of the dance pump, creating a major improvement to past styles.


Today that shape can be found on most pumps created and sold today. The Gavigan family truly has a deep love for the products they make, with Irish dance shoes, remain the center of their business. They started as a small company in Harlesden, where they still have their shop, have continued to dedicate their lives to the pump industry. With that much passion for a business, it’s no wonder their dance pumps continue to deliver quality results.

Our Loop pumps, descendants of the original loop pump, continue to carry that quality. These pumps hug your feet and have a light-weight feel thanks to the soft leather they’re made from, providing a perfect fit. Laces tie up the front to secure the pumps hold on your feet with elastic loops under the ankles to provide extra security. Full leather soles provide the resistance needed to prep and train your feet, helping you achieve a flawlessly arched foot. Our pumps are great for that dancer in your life who’s just starting out.


Your dance pumps should fit like a glove and be an extension of your foot, not a clunky outer shell. When it comes to Irish dance and completing those intricate steps you can only move as well as your shoes will allow you to. If your pumps are more of a hindrance when trying to dance then they're not doing their job right. Luckily our Loop pumps don’t have that problem.