Corr's Economy Practice Ghillie (w/Black Suede Sole)

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■ Better pre-arched instep technology, which gives optimum support for the dancer’s feet during practices and even performances, thereby preventing injury.
■ The thicker leather material will help the dancer gain more strength on their feet by working on the muscles and joints.
■ Extra padding on the padded insock, particularly on the ball of the foot, will help absorb the impact on intricate moves.
■ Designed to be ultra-flexible. This can be worn both by aspiring dancers, both beginners, and intermediate levels alike.
■ Our Corr’s Economy/Practice Ghillie shoes won’t put a hole in your pockets because a pair is very affordable.

Even the best dancers have to start somewhere. And the Corr’s Economy/Practice Ghillie shoes from the Julian Wild collection are just what the doctor ordered for aspiring Irish dancers out there.

While the pair is certainly pleasing to look at, the best features are invisible to the eye. For instance, the instep comes pre-arched, which ensures a snug fit. In simpler words, the shoes hug your feet just right to provide the best support possible and prevent injuries.

Corr’s was started by professional dancer Julian Wild who first launched a pair in the Spring of 2001. Since he worked for many years in the circuit, he designed shoes putting more premium on comfort and safety for the dancers.

One thing that gave him an edge over other professional dancers who launched their one line of Irish shoes is his pedigree. His godfather, Rodney Freed, was the owner of Freed’s Ballet Shoes while his father was a manufacturer and retailer of dancewear.

A common mistake that parents of aspiring dancers make is not investing in proper practice shoes. Novices of Irish dance often suffer from low arches and flat feet. Their default response is to tightly lace the shoes, thinking that it will give them a better arch. But it will only make them vulnerable to injuries.

Corr’s Economy/Practice Ghillie will provide more support. This will give the beginners more confidence to do higher arches. The extra padding on the insock, specifically on the balls of the feet, will enable them to do higher jumps without worrying about the landing because the cushion will absorb the shock.

The soft leather is also very deceiving. It is quite thick to give more support, as well as work on those muscles to gain more strength. Strong muscles will allow the dancer to hold the arches longer.

It is typically not recommended to use hard shoes for beginners. They can do so when they have gained more experience in the field. The leather is also quite tough. The manufacturer spent a lot of money on research and development to come up with this material that is soft and durable at the same time. The leather and sole wouldn’t flatten over time, no matter how much you abuse the shoes as you hone your craft.

The black suede sole of the Corr’s Economy/Practice Ghillie shoes ensures the greatest flexibility, regardless of the routines, and whether or not the dancer practices on a concrete or wooden platform.

The narrower cut in the toe box is ideal for dancers with short or big toes. This is the result of many years of design and testing with actual professional dancers. With each feedback they give, it is back to the drawing board for the designers. The result is this set of Corr’s practice shoes.

At just $30.00, this pair offers excellent value for money because it’s explicitly designed to fit the demands of the Irish dance.