Fays® Ultra Flexi with Black Suede Sole - "Hi Tech" Heel and Tip

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■ Our Fays Ultra Flexi Hard Shoe is created from 100% calf leather of the highest quality providing great durability and comfort.
■ The black suede sole of our Fays Ultra Flexi allows maximum flexibility and movement giving you a tactical advantage on the dance floor.
■ The Millenium tip brings longevity and strength to our Fays Ultra Flexi, making it a lifelong companion.
■ Well-designed heels of our Fays Ultra Flexi provide accurate heel clicks and a sharpness of sound rarely seen anywhere else.
■ An exclusive union of comfort, durability, and flexibility, our Fays Ultra Flexi is ideal for experienced dancers, championship dancers, show dancers, and teachers.

What’s the number one shoe for experienced dancers, championship dancers, show dancers, and teachers? What is the best and the biggest championship shoe ever that Fays has to offer? It is the Fays Ultra Flexi with Black Suede sole. Our Quality Irish dancing shoe from Fays is worn by many champions and is supplied worldwide to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Canada, United States of America and throughout the rest of the world. Created with 100% calf leather and a black suede sole, the Fays Ultra Flexi is the epitome of comfort, flexibility and durability. Ideal for those who want to put all their eggs in one basket – and protect that basket with all their might – the Fays Ultra Flexi always delivers.

The black suede sole is so light and flexible that dancers often feel as if they are floating on the dance floor. Add that lightness with longevity, and you get the holy grail to the best Irish Dance ever seen. With short to almost zero breaking-in time, the Fays Ultra Flexi is designed to provide flexibility from the get-go. Often recognized as being flexible right out of the box, the Fays Ultra Flexi is perfect for advanced level dancers. It allows dancers to go beyond their limits by allowing safety and comfort from day one.

The Fays Ultra Flexi has excellent shock-absorbing abilities that protect your feet from any possible damage – by protecting the Achilles tendon – allowing you to give your 100% on the dance floor without worrying about any probable repercussions whatsoever. Your dancing feet are also supported by high-quality uppers and smooth open/close buckles of the Fays Ultra Flexi. Since, the Fays Ultra Flexi is perfect for swift maneuvers that require a certain level skill and of expertise, we suggest our Fays Original Flexi for children, absolute beginners, and dancers with an injury.

The tip of the Fays Ultra Flexi is the specially formulated Millenium tip that has superb toughness and durability and produces an excellent sharp sound when used. The Millenium tip is unique in that it is created after years of fine-tuning and continuous refinement. The heels are also high-density heels that bring added strength and power to the shoe, allowing the dancers to deliver accurate heel clicks and create vivid booming sounds. The toe is flattened to bring extra support and balance during toe stands, making the Fays Ultra Flexi the best buy for an advanced dancer.