Fays® Ultra Light Hard Jig Shoes

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■ Crafted with highest quality black suede sole and 100% calf leather, our Fays Extra Ultra Light is one of the best Irish Dancing shoes.
■ Fays high-density heels pave way to effortless heel clicks, vivid sounds and added strength to the overall shoe design.
■ Manufactured with the Fays Millenium tip created after years of innovation, our Extra Ultra Light is highly durable and long-lasting.
■ Flattened toe brings support and effortlessness to every toe stand you perform.
■ Perfect for teachers, show dancers, and championship dancers, our Fays Extra Ultra Light is an elegant must-have.

A beautiful amalgam of flexibility and comfort with ultralight specifications, we present the Fays Extra Ultra Light with Black Suede Sole. The black suede sole provides supreme comfort and flexibility for all dance moves and a good amount of liberated swiftness on the dance floor, combine that with a feather-like weight, you get our Fays Extra Ultra Light. The Ultra Light is a shoe that is forged with such steadfast dedication that it provides maximum flexibility and minimum breaking time. Just wear it, break it and go own the dance floor. The Ultra Light in its shoe design – like all other gems in the Fays arsenal – is made up of 100% calf leather. We bring the best for the best, and are proud to present the Fays Extra Ultra Light.

The calf leather is known for its velvety texture and high durability and brings the same awesomeness to the Fays Extra Ultra Light. Preventing abrasion easily and supplying high-durability, the Ultra Light is a shoe that all great dancers must have in their armament. The Ultra Light retains its softness for a long time, even when used daily, making it perfect for outliers who face adversities daily on the dance floor. Unite the durability of the calfskin with the flexibility of the black suede, and you get the Fays Extra Ultra Light.

All Fays shoes have moulded heels and the Millenium tip that gives them almost a flagship stature. The heels are shaped with a bulge on the inside, which makes all heel clicks easier and more fun to perform. See yourself performing almost magical heel clicks with the Fays Ultra light. Fays have specially created their Millenium tip with years of refinement and innovation. The result of these arduous years is a tip that can withstand the test of time with its durability and endurance. The Millenium tip also provides excellent sound quality and the toe has been flattened to deliver extra support to effortlessly perform toe stands and win over the audience. An awe-inspiring combination of a flawless tip and smashing heels, the Fays Extra Ultra Light turns your performance into an art in motion.

All Fays shoes are crafted with years of experience and research, making them an absolute favorite of champions and aspiring superstars. The Fays Extra Ultra Light is an invaluable gem in the Fays inventory due to its lightweight and absolutely no breaking time. We give you our best to ensure that you reach your best. The Fays Extra Ultra Light is your first step into greatness. Retaining its softness for an extended period of time and delivering great durability at a reasonable price, the Ultra Light is an asset that brings imminent rewards and accolades in your dancing career.