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■  Our Black Suede Sole Ghillies are ultra-flexible, which allows it to adapt to any feet, but also durable at the same time.
■  The flexible material, especially the suede sole, means that dancers don’t need to break in the shoe for weeks.
■  We use only the superior quality leather, which the dancers will really feel when they try on our shoes.
■  The leather upper is extremely soft like velvet. It hugs one’s feet like a second skin, allowing for greater confidence in performing the steps.
■  Padded Cushion Insole- The extra padding in the insole provides an additional cushion to dancers who have to perform an intricate routine.


The Black Suede Sole Ghillies by Rutherford Products are incredibly light, durable, and comfortable. You can walk in them around and hardly feel anything on their feet.


Wear one, and you will immediately feel the velvet leather, which is smooth and supple to the touch. Some people may equate this suppleness for delicateness. But that’s not the case at all. You can see the little details that will tell you that an artisan makes this pair of shoes. The double-stitching, the side loops, even the signature company stamp on the sole show that what you are buying, is a quality product from the name that has earned its respect in the industry.


Rutherford Products is one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of Irish dancing shoes, accessories, and dance wears. The company pioneered the ultra-flexible soft shoes, the Black Suede Super-Flexi Jig Shoes. The technology has since been copied by other manufacturers in the industry today. The company was started by John Rutherford, who was forced by circumstance, to create the best dancing shoes for his children who were competing in Irish dancing competitions about 40 years ago. Since that time, Rutherford Products has supplied shoes to Liam Harney, Michael Flatley, and Jean Butler of the Riverdance fame.


Take note of the extra padding on the insole, which provides additional support for aggressive dancers. The padding doesn’t look thick at all and won’t impress much at first glance. But it’s one of those things that you need to experience to appreciate.


Irish dance is known for its quick steps, swift movements, and coordination. Dancers need to have lots of cardio to be performing for just an hour or so. They have to stomp, kick, skip, and even jump as part of the routine. They need the right tool to make them perform beautifully on stage.


Although Irish dances that require hard shoes such as the Treble Jig and the Hornpipes looks very complex with all the feet movement, people think that Reels and Slip Jigs (which require soft shoes) are easier. This misconception is due to the fact that hard shoes make a loud sound when dancers tap or click them on the hard floor. As a result, the audience can follow the beat and imagine how fast the feet are moving. The reality is that soft shoes Irish Dances are as intricate as hard shoes. Dancers need as much support as their hard shoe counterparts.


And the cushion on the Black Suede Sole Ghillies delivers as promised. You can dance for hours and not feel any discomfort and fatigue on the feet. The round-toe design will accommodate different types of feet, while the side loops will ensure the greatest fit and support.


Unlike with hard shoes, dancers don’t need to break in theese Rutherford Shoes because of the very flexible material that a pair is made out of. They can buy the product off the shelf or online and start using the shoes right away.