Welsh Dragon Mug Set

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■ Set of 2 identical mugs, with the capacity of 325 ml/11fl oz
■ Made by Royal Tara, from 100% premium quality bone china
■ Illustrates Welsh heritage in a beautiful and authentic manner, portraying the national emblem, the Welsh dragon, a symbol of royalty, bravery, and honor


Heritage is meant to be cherished and the best way to do it is by showcasing your roots into your daily life with our Royal Tara Welsh Dragon Mug Set!

The set is made of 2 identical mugs, with the capacity of 325ml or 11fl ounces each. These products are very durable and preserve their brand new condition over the years, as they are made from 100% premium bone china. Welsh heritage is encapsulated in an authentic manner, through the mugs’ superb design that portrays the Welsh dragon, a symbol for royalty, bravery and honor over the years. The Welsh dragon is a national emblem, which can also be spotted on the flag of Wales. The illustration is decorated with beautiful details in shades of green, yellow and blue.

The products were crafted by Royal Tara, a leading manufacturer of Celtic giftware that draws its inspiration from celtic history and legends.

Share a moment of joy with a dear one with these special mugs, in which you can serve anything from tea and coffee to love and friendship.