Welsh Red Dragon Mug Set

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■ Set of 2 ceramic mugs, each with a capacity of 400 ml/ 14 oz
■ 100% premium bone china that guarantees durability and preserving the products’ brand new condition long-term
■ Made by Royal Tara, a premium provider of Celtic giftware, inspired by tradition
■ Exquisite Scottish design, portraying the Red Dragon, a symbol of courage, royalty, and honour


Enjoy your favourite tea while also getting into the Scottish spirit, with a piece of its history provided by our Royal Tara Green Welsh Red Dragon Cup Set. This set includes 2 mugs, each holding a 400ml/14 oz capacity of liquid. The products were made in Ireland, by Royal Tara, a premium Celtic giftware provider that draws its inspiration from tradition. Both mugs are 100% top quality bone china, for a durable, joyful experience. This luxurious porcelain also preserves temperature, keeping your drink hot for long periods of time. The design was projected to cherish Scottish heritage in a charming manner. Its centrepiece is the Red Dragon, a symbol of courage in Scotland for centuries. The dragon has its paws clenched, representing royalty and honour. The red shade of the dragon is beautifully combined with the emerald green and gold details used to represent Celtic Knots - a symbol that makes reference to the Holy Trinity. This set is the perfect gift from Scotland and a subtle manner of including the heritage you’re so proud of in your daily rituals - such as drinking tea or coffee.