Highland Cow Loose Leaf Tea

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■ This Scottish Breakfast loose-leaf infusion is made with a blend of the finest teas, providing a strong flavor

■ Carefully stored in a metallic tin that showcases a Highland cow on a thistle field

■ The metal used in the construction of the tin will keep your tea fresh and delicious for long periods of time, making it reusable

■ Our Highland Cow loose-leaf tea has a net weight of 1.41 oz and a gross weight of 3.35 oz


Get a taste of Scotland with our Highland Breakfast tea. This Scottish breakfast tea is a fresh, strong brew with a robust, creamy finish that is sure to please your taste. The package contains enough quantity of loose leaves, allowing several servings.

The infusion is preserved in a metal container that can be reused for future tea storage or kept as a souvenir from Scotland. The metallic jar prevents the tea from deteriorating, ensuring it remains fresh and qualitative for a longer period of time.

The tin features a Highland Cow on a field of thistles, evoking Scotland's wild landscapes. The Highland cow is a cattle species found only in Scotland's Highlands, and it is known for its wooly and cute appearance, as well as its friendly nature. The thistle is a symbol of strength and resilience, and it is associated with stories of Scottish bravery.

This Scottish breakfast tea will transport you to the Scottish countryside. It would also make an excellent gift for a tea enthusiast friend.