Celtic High Cross Gothic Stained Glass Panel

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■ Height 20cm Width 9.5cm
■ Our High Cross stained glass panel has the perfect size to stand out wherever you hang it.
■ The Celtic High Cross is a classic Irish symbol that predates even Christianity and whose meaning has evolved with the times.
■ Multiple pieces of stained glass has been cut and carefully pieced together to create a beautiful piece of art that stands out.
■ The High Cross stands proudly in a shade of gold, surrounded by emerald green stained glass that fades into an ombre.
■ Two shamrocks on either side of the High Cross and five trinity knots centered on the cross adds an extra touch.

Our Irish Celtic High Cross stained glass window hanging is a stunning display of craftsmanship that will make a beautiful addition to your home. Created in the gothic style of stained glass art, you would think that you had acquired a piece taken directly from the Black Abbey church in Kilkenny. Shaped similarly to an arched church door, it’s unique shape surrounds a beautiful design of a high cross.

An ombre of dark green starts at the top right of the arch and continues down to the squared off left side base of our stained glass panel, as it fades to a light green glass. Inside of this glass is two dark green shamrocks with long stems, one on the left side of the High Cross and the other on the right side, framing the cross. Above the high cross, 5 pieces of glass are pieced together to create the overall shape of the panel.

In the center stands the High Cross in a shade of gold that complements the shamrock green of the surrounding glass. Each end of the cross features a green glass trinity knot, with an extra trinity knot above the trinity knot at the base of the cross. Inside of each trinity knot red glass been placed adding an extra dimension to the design. The trinity knot at the base is also larger than the other four trinity knots that can be found. Where the cross intersects a purple spiral rests and the circle that makes the class High Cross design completes the look of the High Cross.

And at the base of our stained glass panel are the words Celtic High Cross in Celtic font centered in a pale gold banner. The intricate pieces and design put into our 20cmx9.5cm stained glass panel is a wonderful ode to the glasswork seen in beloved Irish churches. Hang our Irish High Cross stained glass window panel in your window to add a piece of art to your home.

Made by Royal Tara Ireland