God Bless Our Home Square Stained Glass Panel

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■ Measurements: 16cm x 16 cm
■ Our God Bless Our Home stained glass window panel is created from five different colors of stained glass.
■ Square in shape, our glass panel is the perfect size to display in any window.
■ Trinity knots can be found in each of the four corners evoking blessings into your home in a lovely shade of yellow.
■ A red circle of stained glass stands out with four yellow Celtic knots framing the interior sheet of glass.
■ Placed proud and center is a square sheet of clear glass with the words God Bless Our Home in a Celtic font.

Every home can use a good blessing and our God bless our home square stained glass panel provides that blessing. You will think you got a page out of the book of Kells when you see our stained glass window panel in person. Five different rich colors make up the design of our glass panel. Our panel is square in shape and has a large circular piece of red glass at the center creating four different corners in the shape of triangles. Each triangle is made from two pieces of green glass, and in the center of each of these triangles is a trinity knot made of yellow glass.

Blue stained glass fills the open sections of the trinity knots. Within the red circle, four Celtic knots can be found with their open spaces filled in with green stained glass, creating the illusion that the green glass is one whole square of glass that the red circle rests on top of. At the center of the red circle is a panel of clear glass in the shape of a square with the words God Bless Our Home in a Celtic font made from black stained glass.

The ‘G’ in God has an intricate design and unlike the other letters is made from green stained glass, framed by yellow stained glass, and features a Celtic knot at the center of the letter. The letter ‘O’ in God has a red glass circle at the center of it, while the ‘O’ in our and home have green stained glass circles. The word our also has a set of three red glass circles on the left and right side of the word. And finishing the design is a yellow stained glass square border framing the clear glass. You’ll be proud to display any of our lovely Irish-stained glass panels with blessing designs in your home. Incite goodwill and blessings into your home with our God Bless Our Home stained glass window panel.

Made by Royal Tara Ireland