Wee Glass Shamrock-Set 3

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■ This set features three beautiful stained glass shamrocks that are durable, long-lasting, and offer transparency.

■ The shamrock holds significant symbolism in Irish culture associated with The Holy Trinity

■ Each shamrock comes with suction cups and strings for easy window hanging

■ These shamrocks measure 3 inches x 3 inches and add an elegant Irish touch to any window.


Enhance the beauty of your living space with drops of Irish authenticity our Glass Shamrock Set. This set features three exquisite pieces of stained glass window art, each a captivating representation of Irish culture and heritage. The intricate design of the shamrock, with its delicate lines and vibrant colors, adds a touch of Irish elegance and charm to any window. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the shamrock design holds deep symbolism. In Irish culture, the shamrock is considered a symbol of luck and faith. Legend has it that Saint Patrick used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to pagans. Displaying these stained glass shamrocks in your home not only adds a decorative element but also invites the spirit of luck and Irish tradition into your space. Each shamrock comes with suction cups, allowing you to easily hang them on windows, where they can catch the sunlight and create stunning reflections. The set also includes a string, enabling you to hang them on a Christmas tree during the holiday season, infusing your festive decorations with an Irish touch.

Measuring 3 inches x 3 inches, these stained glass shamrocks are compact and adaptable to various spaces.