Honeycomb Wool Aran Throw (Natural)

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■ Hand-linked Aran cable, honeycomb, basket, and moss stitching for texture
■ 100% Merino wool throw – an organic yarn that's soft, warm & moisture-wicking
■ SAOL anti-shrink technology – machine washable Merino wool throw 
■ Sized 60" in length and 40" in width – perfect as a bed throw or comforting blanket


Stay warm on chilly days with our Honeycomb Wool Aran Throw in Natural. This gorgeous 100% Merino wool throw honors traditional Aran knitting with its distinctive honeycomb and diamond patterns. Aran sweaters originated in the late 1800s off of Ireland's west coast, where local fishermen needed thick garments to keep them warm and dry while out at sea. The sweaters were knit with thickly textured patterns that added weight, warmth, and significance to the sweaters. The distinctive honeycomb stitch is said to symbolize the hardworking honeybee and bring good fortune.
Crafted by Saol, a leading Irish maker of contemporary textiles with traditional Celtic flair, this cozy and comfortable wool throw will add Irish style to any room.
Throw measures 60 by 40 inches, making it the perfect size for wrapping yourself in while cozying up in front of the fire.