Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Necklace

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■ Charming Irish Necklace, made in Ireland by Solvar Jewelers, a family-owned business

■ Made from 100% fine Sterling Silver, sturdy metal with an irreplicable sheen

■ Celtic Cross design - an old symbol of faith and spirituality in Ireland

■ Measurements: 1.41” H x 0.62” W, with an 18” chain


Enrich your spiritual journey with our charming Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Necklace! This necklace is the ideal gift for any Christian, being created around the motif of the Celtic Cross, one of the oldest symbols of faith associated with Irish heritage. The Celtic cross is a symbol that has been associated with Celtic culture and Christianity for centuries. One of the main meanings of the Celtic cross is that it represents the fusion of traditional Christian symbolism and ancient Celtic culture and beliefs. In the Christian context, the Celtic cross is often associated with Saint Patrick, who is said to have used the symbol to illustrate the idea of the cross and the resurrection to the Irish people. The last touch to our design is the green glass crystal added in the center of the Cross. Our necklace is not only meaningful but also sturdy, with long-lasting durability, being made of 100% Sterling Silver. In order to take the best care of this piece, simply wash it using warm water and soap. Prevent potential tarnishing by storing this piece in a dry, closed space and avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight and moisture.