Connemara Marble 30" Beaded Necklet With Marble Luck Stone

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■  Durable silver-tone brass with rare Connemara marble, renowned for its stunning green hues
■  Round-shaped Irish necklet that can be worn as a talisman for luck and protection
■  Has a 32-inch length for timeless elegance, and versatile style, suitable for any occasion
■  Made in Ireland, conveying tradition, heritage, and uniqueness in just one piece

Indulge in Ireland's charm with our exquisite Connemara Marble 30″ Beaded Necklet With Marble Luck Stone. It is crafted from durable silver-toned brass, ensuring timeless shine and lasting wear, and adorned with rare beautiful Connemara marble beads - each piece is unique, so you’ll get a one-of-a-kind part of Ireland’s natural beauty. We have selected the finest pieces from the renowned quarries of the Connemara region to guarantee unparalleled quality and elegance. This necklet, at a graceful 32 inches, effortlessly complements any attire, offering timeless sophistication and versatility.


Symbolizing Ireland's lush landscapes and deep heritage, Connemara marble is more than just a gemstone, it's a talisman of luck, serenity, and protection deeply entrenched in Irish folklore. With its profound symbolism, this Connemara necklet serves as a connection to the ancient myths and legends of the Emerald Isle.


Gift this exquisite necklet to your loved one, family, or friend. Whether marking a special occasion or simply expressing appreciation, this Irish necklet is a symbol of Ireland's beauty and tradition, carrying sentiments of luck, protection, and timeless elegance that will be cherished for generations.