Intricate Celtic Knot Pendant Neckla

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■  Charming necklace, made in Ireland, by Solvar Jewelers, a family-owned business since 1941

■  The necklace is composed of a pendant and a chain, plated with silver

■  Beautiful Trinity Knot design, an authentic symbol of birth, life, and death

■  Measurements & packaging: the chain is 18” long; the necklace comes in a gift box


Complete your jewelry collection with this magical Intricate Celtic Knot Pendant Neckla! This necklace is a charming accessory that combines style with an authentic Celtic spirit. It was designed to celebrate culture and heritage, as the pendant is shaped like a Trinity Knot, an old Celtic symbol that represents birth, life, and death.


In Christian contexts, it is said that the Trinity Knot (or Triquetra) can also represent the Holy Trinity. Others say that this knot is a sign of the three forces of nature: earth, air, and water. Whichever version you prefer, we are sure that you will find a symbolism of the Trinity Knot that resonates the most with you and your life passage.


Both the pendant and the chain are plated with silver. These pieces are sturdy and guarantee long-lasting durability. In order to properly take care of it, simply clean it in warm water, with soap, when needed. We recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight and moisture.

Our necklace is an authentic piece, made in Ireland, by Solvar Jewelers, a family-owned business that has been making Irish jewelry since 1941.