Ireland Sheep Kitchen Towel and Pot Holder

Ireland Sheep Kitchen Towel and Pot Holder

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Made of Cotton for durability

Tea Pot and Towel

Executed with The Irish Sheep Collection from Shamrock Gift Company Details

Product Details

  • The Irish Sheep Kitchen Towel and Pot Holder are made from quality cotton with polyester fillings to keep them soft and long-lasting.
  • The gift set can be an ideal present during the Holidays or as a reminder of your special trip to the country.
  • The kitchen towel and pot holder are machine washable, and the material is of excellent quality to give life to your kitchen.
  • The whimsical sheep and backing message along the edges can put a smile on your face standing for a genuinely Irish characteristic.
  • This excellent product comes as a set with both the kitchen towel and pot holder having the same design and design quality.
If you are keen on showing your Irish heritage, this kitchen towel and pot holder are the perfect addition to your Irish-themed kitchen. The set includes a kitchen towel and a pot holder with a cute black and white sheep with a smile and jumping over the name of Ireland.

This quality made kitchen accessory is made from cotton and is featured in the Irish Sheep Collection of Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. As typical of anything Irish, the sheep is decorated with the shamrock leave found at the bottom part of his backside and accentuated with a woolly scarf with its bright green and orange colors.

What makes this kitchen accessory a fantastic addition to your Irish theme are the whimsical words of “baa baa baa” found at the bottom edges. The cartoon sheep highlighted by the surrounded green accents give your kitchen a truly Irish feel.

On top of being uniquely designed, the Ireland Sheep Kitchen Towel and Pot Holder are durable enough to last for a long time. It is made from 100% cotton with an outer polyester filling. They are also machine washable, and its excellent quality stands as a testament for a genuinely Irish product.

A perfect gift to remind you of your trip to Ireland, the Ireland Sheep Kitchen Towel and Pot Holder is a small token that will keep you reminiscing of your time in the country. It can also be a wonderful present to give your loved ones during special occasions or a remembrance of the special moment when you and your family spent some time roaming Irish cities and the countryside. This kitchen accessory is both practical and safe with the funny sheep character putting a smile on your face.

Gift this to your friends and family members during the holidays and special occasions and let them feel the warmth of the Irish countryside!
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