Wooley Jumper - Soft Toy

Wooley Jumper - Soft Toy

Item# 3575
Why We Love This
Designed in Black and White

Fluffy and Quality Fabric

Featuring a lovely Sheep

Product Details

From the Wooley Jumper collection of Shamrock Gift Company comes this adorably plush Wooley Jumper Soft Toy. A classic black and white sheep with a little tuft of fur on his head and an all white super soft body, this little happy guy will bring joy and comfort to any child or baby.

The sheep itself is extra Irish with an embroidered shamrock on his rear, which is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the rich culture and history of the country of Ireland!

Whether you’re child likes to play long games of imagination or snuggle up with a soft friend, you can’t go wrong with this super cute Wooley Jumper.

The Shamrock Gift Company has been based in Dublin for over 40 years and is renowned for its high quality craftsmanship and dedication to Irish design and culture.
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