Ireland Cead Mile Failte T Shirt

Ireland Cead Mile Failte T Shirt

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Nice shirt, good selection of shirts on here, happy with my choice. Cool design and a good fit!

Product Details

  • Our shirt is 100% cotton so comfort is never compromised – as a matter of fact, it meshed well with style.
  • Our product available in different sizes so the wearer will have more options – they can choose which one just fits perfectly.
  • Irish culture, tradition, and history rolled in one – perfect to wear on national events or to share with visiting tourists.
  • It’s stylish, humorous, and direct at the same time, with the t-shirt print showing so much character, appeal, and presence.
  • Overall, the shirt is a screaming statement of comfort and quality – perfect to refer to the Irish people and Ireland.
Leprechauns are considered as prominent figures found in Irish folklore. From the old Irish books, these mischievous creatures have gained the fondness of people worldwide. What better way to welcome anyone to Ireland than a good ‘ol Cead Mile Failte shirt?

Cead Mile Failte means “a thousand welcome,” fitting for a leprechaun, the original inhabitants and natives of Ireland, to say.

In Ireland, leprechauns are known as the tiny people or the wee folks. They’re members of Tuatha De Danann, people who invaded Ireland and were later on banished to settle underneath the ground.

This Cead Mile Failte shirt has so much personality that its color and prints reveal so much character and “oomph” even before the wearer wears it. It’s made from 100% cotton so comfort is never compromised. The fabric is also very smooth, making this statement shirt very easy to wear on any day or any casual occasion. On colder days, it goes perfectly well with a jersey jacket or a hooded jacket. You’ll never be out of style.

It shows the fun and the humorous side of the Irish people – with the grinning leprechaun’s face plastered on the shirt. As such, this shirt can be an excellent gift for locals and enticing souvenirs for tourist or foreign guests.
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