A Strength and Conditioning Handbook for Competitive Irish Dancers

Reaching New Heights Strength and Conditioning for Irish Dancers
Reaching New Heights Strength and Conditioning for Irish Dancers
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Product Description

Reaching New Heights is the very first Strength & Conditioning hand-book for competitive Irish Dance.

The book is written by 6 x World Irish Dance Champion Lauren Early and renowned UK Strength coach Robert McAvoy.

The 300-page manual will take you through everything you need to know to become a world class dancer covering training, nutrition, motivation, stage presence and the best ways of staying injury free!

About the Authors:

Lauren Early is one of the highest achieving dancers of all time. Lauren is a 6 times back to back World Irish Dance Champion, a 5 x All Ireland champion, 12 x Ulster champion, 6 x All Scotland Champion, 6 x Great Britain champion, 6 x American national champion and a British national champion - so she knows her stuff!

Robert McAvoy is a former Uk 400m hurdles international athlete. Upon leaving school Robert competed for both the UK and Ireland as one of the fastest 400m hurdlers in the country. At the time of writing this book Robert is recognised as one of the top strength coaches and personal trainers in the UK.

Book Contents

1. Finding yourself

2. Know what fuels your fire

3. Apoting the correct training approach

4. Adopting the correct training phases

5. Staying injury free

6. Nutrition - the basics

7. Calculating your daily calorie requirement

8. Fuelling your performance

9. Preparing for a major

10. My ten commandments

Page length

A5 - 300 pages