Green Celtic Ladies Shirt

Green Celtic Ladies Shirt

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What Customers Are Saying
I love this tshirt!! Fits and looks great! Also washed up really well after multiple washes and wears.

Product Details

  • Our authentic Green Celtic Ladies Shirt has a dynamic, classy design with deep rich cheerful green coloring.
  • This iconic Traditional Craft Limited T-Shirt is 90% Polyester and 10 Elastane for breathability, durability and comfortability.
  • Our chic tee has a heather green effect with “Ireland” lettering in traditional Celtic font.
  • This unique shirt has Shamrock detail that add a genuine Irish charm.
  • Our lovely T-Shirt is an authentic product of Ireland sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts.
Love the green? Well you better grab yourself this authentic Green Celtic Ladies T-Shirt. It’s the perfect tee for a dynamic lady on the move. Couple it with blue jeans, khakis or sweat pants, this outfit was designed to break necks! If you are looking to gift this to a loved one or that special someone, be rest assured they will receive it with a warm smile. Whether its picking in the summer or taking a cruise out in the ocean, this upbeat tee was designed for a versatile feel-free lifestyle.

Our chic Green Celtic Ladies Shirt is made of premium quality materials 90% polyester and 10% elastane for comfortability, durability and breathability. Its designed with a heavy green hue that brings cheerful vibes to any look while celebrating beloved Ireland. Against its dynamic green color, the word “Ireland” is lettered on the front with traditional Celtic font. Nest to the wording, is a sprig of three shamrocks. Shamrocks hold deep cultural meaning for the people of Ireland. It was used by St. Patrick during his early Christian teachings to explain the Holy Trinity. It is also the official national flower of the Emerald Isle.

Looking for something to remember your beautiful memorable time in Ireland? Our authentic T-Shirt makes the perfect candidate. Its green color stands out with eye-catching patterns that create dimension and texture. The green effect on this tee pays homage to the lush green scenery of Ireland’s countryside.

Our fancy and active Traditional Craft Limited Green Celtic Ladies Shirt is an authentic product of Ireland sold and supplied by Keily's Irish Dance and Gifts. Keily's is a global leader in the supply and sale of authentic Irish products. They get their quality Irish wares from leading craft houses and artisans in Ireland.
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