Timeless Irish Wool Knit Celtic Shawl

Timeless Irish Wool Knit Celtic Shawl

Item# X4711-Grey
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Why We Love This
Made of 100% Soft Merino Wool

Designed in Traditional and Outstanding Irish Spirit

Measures 2’x5’ inches -the perfect size to keep you protected from the cold

Product Details

  • From Aran Crafts comes our stunning Fairy tree shawl that adds a touch of class to anything you pair it with.
  • Our shawl perfectly captures the beauty of the Fairy tree using Aran stitch knitting techniques that have been around for generations.
  • The Fairy tree stitched into the garment pops with a 3d element thanks to the two-toned plated design.
  • At 2’x5’ our Fairy tree shawl is the perfect size to hug you close and keep you protected from the cold.
Classy and elegant are just two words that describe our Fairy tree Celtic shawl. The fine detail put into the stitch work of our shawl and the intricacy of the imagery displayed when viewing our fairy tree Celtic shawl is undeniable. Our shawl is more than just an item that you can use to throw on and go. It is a piece that makes a statement whenever you wear it.

Hailing from Aran Crafts our fairy tree shawl is a part of their Fairy tree collection and was made to capture the wonder and beauty of the fairy tree. Classic Aran knitting techniques are used to display a wondrous Fairy tree that is surrounded by smaller stitches and framed by cable stitches creating a picturesque image. The two-toned plate design of the Fairy tree and the surrounding stitches craft a 3D design allowing the tree to pop off of the fabric.

The texture is further added by the other Aran stitches that create borders and patterns on our shawl. Our Fairy tree shawl in and of itself is a work of art that beautifully displays the art of Aran knit stitching in the best way. Our 2’x5’ shawl perfectly hugs your body close and the 100% merino wool fabric feels luxurious and soft. The wool perfectly insulates your body and makes you want to stay wrapped up in our shawl for hours on end.

Aran Crafts has perfectly captured the splendor and wonder of the folklore surrounding the Fairy tree. The care put into making sure the Fairy tree is the main focus while adding complimentary cable knit stitches shows how much love the company put into our shawl. Pair our Fairy tree shawl with a dress for date night or wrap it around a long sleeve shirt for a day out touring the city. However, you wear it you can be sure that you and everyone around you will love and admire this piece.
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