Upping Your Step Book

Upping Your Step Book

Upping Your Step Book
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Why We Love This
Includes more than 70 illustrations of the most effective strength exercises

Personalized to suit your needs

Perfect for both beginners and advanced dancers

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Upping Your Step is an illustrated guide for Irish dancers to help improve their strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and posture. The information in this book will help you to become a much stronger performer and to maximise the effectiveness of your training.

Upping Your Step features over 70 illustrations of the most effective strength exercises.

We really like how it links each individual exercise to Irish dance steps, so you know why you are doing an exercise or stretch. This will helps you to identify exercises to help with problem areas you may have which will be affecting your dancing and competition results.

You will learn how to perform these exercises correctly, in order to target specific areas that need improvement. You will also learn how to develop a personalised training programme to suit your own individual dance schedule.

Upping Your Step covers all of the basics that every dancer should know. It is a must have for Irish dancers at all levels. It is also essential reading for teachers who want to inform themselves and their students, as well as parents and their children.

This book will educate dancers in a way that they have never been before. When you put Peter's programme into action, I believe it will help you develop into a much stronger dancer and performer.

This is a very educational book for Irish dancers of the world and a great reference to have to help you throughout your dancing career.'

Maxine Spelman - Lord of the Dance

Content: 125 pages with over 70 illustrations.

Content Guide

1. Back to Basics

2. Understanding Pain and Discomfort

3. Injury & Recovery

4. Foundations of Effective Training

5. Scale Your Health and Performance

6. Warm Up and Cool Downs

7. Strength Training For Irish Dancers

8. Balance Training

9. Flexibility

10. Conditioning For Irish Dancers
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