Kids Pink Trinity Crest Top

Kids Pink Trinity Crest Top

Item# TRIN7001
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Great shirt and great design, loved it!

Product Details

  • Our amazing Kids Pink Trinity Crest Top features a lively pink color that pairs well with a broad range of colors.
  • This fascinating Trinity College Kids Tee-Shirt comes with a “Trinity College” emblem that serves as a centerpiece to this amazing tee.
  • Our gorgeous Pink Trinity Crest Top features ruffled sleeves on each side that add dimension, volume, and fun frilly touch.
  • This unique Trinity College tee is easy to maintain since it is machine washable.
  • Our fancy Tee-Shirt is an authentic product of Ireland sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts.
Chic and fancy. Get this adorable cute shirt for your little one to brighten up their days. Our lovely Kids Pink Trinity Crest Top features a live pink color that has enough zest to have your little girl stand out in a crowd. Its dynamic design means it will look perfect with just about any range of colors you decide to pair it with including; denim, black, white, navy, green and many more. It also has a comfortable design meaning your adorable one can wear it all day and stay fresh and comfortable.

Our lovely tee features the Trinity College Emblem. This emblem serves as the centerpiece of our adorable tee, and is designed with a circular white and navy-blue emblem that displays the college’s name, founding year, 1592, and its location, Dublin, Ireland. The Trinity college’s crest features an iconic lion, harp, castle, and bible.

This cute Trinity College Pink Trinity Crest Kids Tee-Shirt comes with ruffled sleeves. Its doubled ruffled trimming attached on each side adds volume, dimension, and fun-filled frilly touch to this amazing shirt. Our shirt's ruffles also exhibit a flattering symmetry to the amazing shirt that looks great on any girl. This cute tee boldly displays block lettering on the front, written “Trinity College Dublin Ireland” in white block three-dimensional letters. The word “Trinity” is displayed across the top in large lettering for an eye-catching effect while charmingly contrasting with its pink background.

This gorgeous Kids Pink Trinity Crest Top is easy to maintain since is machine washable, saving your precious time for more important tasks. Our lovely Trinity College Tee-Shirt is an authentic product of Ireland sold and supplied by Keily's Irish Dance and Gifts. Keily's is a renowned supplier of authentic quality Irish crafts and wares. They get their amazing product from some of the leading artisans and craft houses in Ireland.
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