Mini-Grace Flexi Headband with Crystals

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■ The design of this headband is truly an exquisite sight, as it features a v-shaped array of pear-shaped Navette rhinestones, each beset with a double-layered halo of tiny dot AB crystal rhinestones.
■ The Navette crystal rhinestones come in six color choices: red, purple, turquoise, clear crystal, pink, and AB. AB stands for “Aurora Borealis,” a name for northern lights, as AB crystals reflect a prism of colors much like the awe-inspiring northern lights in nature.
■ Just as practical as it is beautiful, this headband offers a 19-cm (7.5 inches) wide flexible white band and spans 6 centimeters (1.5 inches) in crown height, dimensions that are great for young dancers. Soft and adjustable, this white band is comfortable and can be secured with hairpins or hairgrips. It is also perfect to wear with Irish dance wigs.
■ This fabulous headband can lay flat, which makes it excellent for storage and also easy to pack into bags when traveling to performance locations!
■ This darling headband is made by Antonio Pacelli, a respected brand that has been making Irish dance shoes and accessories for over four decades and is based in England.

Have your little girl shining like a gem at her next Irish dance performance with this Mini-Grace Flexi Headband! Measuring 19 centimeters (7.5 inches) in width and 6 centimeters (1.5 inches) in crown height, this headband comes in a relatively small size that is perfect for young dancers. It also comes on a flexible white headband that is comfortable, adjustable, and can be used with hairgrips or bobby pins to secure it onto the head or even an Irish dance wig! At the heart of this headband is a striking v-shaped array of seven Navette, or pear-shaped rhinestones that come in six color choices: turquoise, AB crystal, clear crystal, pink, red, and purple. Each pear-shaped stone is beset with a double halo of delicate AB dot crystals. Aurora Borealis, or AB crystals are designed with a coating that reflects a mesmerizing spectrum of colors that resemble actual northern lights seen in nature. The AB crystal rhinestones in this headband boast wonderful shades of purple, blue, and pink. This headband can easily lay flat, so it is also easy to store, making it the perfect, must-have accessory for your little Irish dancer!