Antonio Pacelli Essential Jig Shoe — Leinster Tip & Heel

Antonio Pacelli Essential Jig Shoe — Leinster Tip & Heel

Antonio Pacelli Essential Jig Shoe — Leinster Tip & Heel
What Customers Are Saying
These fit just perfectly, and they look beautiful on my little dancer! I wanted to say thank you for the quick deilvery and beautiful product, just what my daughter needed.

Product Details

  • Our traditional and stylish Essential Jig Shoe is crafted from the highest quality materials and feature smooth genuine leather uppers with a black suede sole that provides strong arch and tendon support.
  • The suede sole is a bit softer than a 100% leather sole, making our Essential Jig Shoe perfect choice for dancers: for strong beginners or intermediate dancers who want a bit more flexibility when learning more complex moves.
  • Our highly durable jig shoe has Leinster Tips and Leinster Heels, made from a dense composite material that offers a clear, crisp sound. The tips feature a toe square to facilitate toe stands and walking and the heel features an inner bubble to make heel clicks easier.
  • Our Essential Jig Shoe is made by Antonio Pacelli, which has been providing quality practice and competition shoes to Irish dancers since 1980.
  • As with all Antonio Pacelli jig shoes, the Essential Jig shoe is topped with black laces and a strong black leather strap with easy open/close buckles that make getting the shoe on and off fast and simple.
Our Essential Jig Shoe from Antonio Pacelli is an ideal jig shoe for beginners and intermediate level Irish dancers who want a bit of extra support when learning the moves. These jig shoes are crafted with care and feature high-quality smooth genuine leather uppers for a sleek look that is traditional to formal Irish dance. The Essential Jig Shoe also feature a black suede sole that offers both style and comfort to support the structure and arch of the foot while creating the perfect amount of friction for the dance floor. One of the best values for money of any introductory Irish dance shoe we offer, these jig shoes are as essential as the name implies for dancers or parents.

When new, these shoes will be stiff, allowing them to be uniquely broken in by every individual dancer until they conform to the wearer’s foot and dance style. The suede sole is ideal for early dancers who need a bit of extra support while training their arches and tendons to become stronger through practice. The benefit of the suede sole is that it affords a bit more flexibility than a true beginner’s leather sole for learning more advanced moves. But whether you’re buying these for practice or competition, the high-grade interiors are specially designed to reduce wear on the foot and lessen the risk of blistering or irritation.

The Essential Jig Shoe is finished off with Leinster tips and Leinster heels. The Irish jig is probably the most famous of Irish dance styles, made internationally famous by Riverdance, and known for it’s fast-paced toe taping and heel clicking. The tip is arguably the most important part of any jig shoe because it performs the brunt of the tap work and takes the majority of wear, since Irish jig dancers spend so much time on their toes.

The Leinster tip is Antonio Pacelli’s original tip and has been worn by thousands of dancers in competition who love the crisp, clear sound it makes. Made with a dense composite material, the tip is hard wearing and highly durable and also features a large toe stand square at the front to ease walking in between dances as well as making it easier to quickly get on your toes during a performance.

The Leinster heel, made from a hard black plastic with a grey resin heel piece, is specially designed with a convex bubble on the inside that protrudes beyond the uppers. This is designed to make those classic heel clicks the Irish jig is known for easier for beginner and intermediate Irish dancers.

Antonio Pacelli has been crafting some of the world’s best Irish dance shoes since 1980. Their shoes have been worn by Irish dancers of every level, from young dancers just starting out to world-class champions and are renowned for their careful construction techniques and classic styling. Their innovation in the heel and tip materials filtered through other companies, but they remain the chief drivers of shoemaking technology in the industry.

These jig shoes are topped with black laces and an adjustable strap with simple yet strong open/close buckles, that make it easier to take on and off, especially in competition when you have to go from hard shoes to soft faster than it takes to do a heel click. The shoes are available in sizes 5.5 through 9, though please note sizes are UK sizing. Whether you or your child is learning to dance the jig for the first time, or returning to it after a few years out of practice, the Essential Jig Shoe from Antonio Pacelli is a can’t-beat deal at a highly competitive price.
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