Brooches & Buckles

    The Irish’s love for brooches all rooted in the Tara Brooch which is the epitome of the ancient Celtic’s fascination for metalwork masterpiece. According to Irish folklore, the Tara Brooch originated from the Hill of Tara, the Irish High King’s seat. This brooch is highly-valued and is said to be one of Irish history’s greatest treasures.
    Aside from being highly-valued for its origin, the Tara brooch is actually also well-known for its intricate design and great craftsmanship. This holds the Irish pride – a reason why Irish dancers wear brooches when they dance.
    Irish dances can either be informal, social, or competition dances. The Irish set dance is a social dance that is performed by 4 couples forming a square. Céilé Dances, on the other hand, are usually danced by 2 to 16 people forming a dance group.
    The success and fame of the Riverdance Show revived the Irish performance dances and the Irish Stepdance significantly. The latter is known for its rigid and rapid leg movements while the arms and the body remain stationary. Irish dancing revolves primarily around Irish traditional music and these two complements each other perfectly. Irish dances are not just mere traditional dances. Rather, these are dances that proudly showcase their traditions, history, pride, and heritage. Each aspect of the dance --- from the music to the dance step, down to the outfit worn by the dancer, is a representation of this country’s love for their culture and origin.
    Since Irish people love to dance and use dancing as a medium to show their ancestry and culture, what better way to complement this feeling than wearing well-crafted and intricately designed Irish brooches. The brooch can easily complete the whole wardrobe. It comes in various design but all these designs are an homage to the Celtic tradition and culture.
    The Celtic brooches we have for you are truly magnificent. We have designs similar to the traditional and infamous Tara Brooch and it's adorned by different kinds of stones, in silver-tone and black enamel. There are also brooches that are accented with green shamrocks. Shamrocks, as we all know, are Irish symbols. These brooches can be lovely gifts for Irish Lassie.
    County Meath, the place where the Tara Brooch was founded in the late 1850s, is known for the Hill of Tara. This hill is also well-known for its natural beauty. The brooch is the epitome of a classic Celtic ornamental piece. Until today, the brooch is considered as the most exquisite artistic piece from the Christian Celtic craftsmen of Ireland. To honor this brooch’s ornamental and cultural value, it remains as a permanent ornamental display at the Dublin National Museum. To honor this brooch being a part of the Irish culture, cultural Irish dancers use brooches to ornate their costumes. They specifically place this on their shoulders as a significant part of their dance outfit. The brooch is a magnificent statement piece that reflects a person’s love for their Irish history and heritage.
    Most of these Celtic brooches are in silver tones and measures around 2.25 by 2 inches. The brooch may be small in size but it’s never short in history and origin. The Tara brooch usually has green and black enamel and is covered with amethyst or other colored stones for accent. Our brooches are considered pieces of jewelry and come in gift boxes upon purchase. Any recipient will feel special with the personalized design and the signature box it comes with.
    It’s the perfect gift to any traditional Celtic dancer. It can also be a good souvenir for friends from abroad. The brooch, in itself, not only speaks of the great Irish craftsmanship and culture, but it also shows how rich and profound the Irish history is.
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