Socks & Boxers

Comfortable is the new stylish here at Keilys where chic meets cozy in our collection of Irish socks and boxers! Starting from active adventurers to those who love to cuddle up and read by the candlelight, we have the perfect Irish-designed socks and slippers for men, women, and kids, tailored to suit all needs! All products are made from exceptionally qualitative materials such as wool and cotton, widely appreciated for their breathable and moisture-wicking properties. Moreover, the elastane featured in blends ensures flexibility, ideal for adjusting your socks to fit your preferred footwear style. If cozy slippers are on your list for the cold season, you’ve come to the right place! Our Aran slippers are made with traditional Irish weaving techniques, from Merino wool, a material that guarantees heat-insulation, warmth, coziness and comfort. More than snug and cozy, our Irish boxers, socks, and slippers take inspiration from motifs beloved by locals, travelers, and fans of the Emerald Isle alike. The traditional cable Aran stitching on the slippers carries deep symbolism of abundance, whereas the iconic Guinness design is a celebration of the drinking traditions and pub scenery of Ireland. Additionally, the shamrock design on our products represents the essence of the Irish faith - symbolizing the Holy Trinity and making these socks and boxers perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day thoughtful gifts!

Whether you're drawn to the craftsmanship, the warmth, or the unique designs, our Irish socks, slippers, and boxers provide a way to experience a bit of Ireland in your everyday life!
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