Irish Sweaters

    If you love the classic Aran style of Irish sweaters the country is so well known for, you need to look no further. Our selection of Irish knit sweaters are each a unique and one of a kind creation, with tons of styles and looks that will suit any occasion. Our collection of Aran style sweaters come in a range of styles and colors for your selection. We have anything from turtle necks to button up sweaters depending on your preferences. You will also find chunky knit sweaters, cardigans, and capelet sweaters in our collection as well.

Authentic Irish Aran Sweaters Selection

    Our selection of authentic sweaters pays homage to the classic Aran style Ireland is so well known for. Aran sweaters are known for being some of the best-knit sweaters to ever be made and it really shows by just how long the design has remained in style. Aran sweaters were originally made on the islands of Aran by the wives of fishermen.
    The woman of the small fishing community would collect raw wool and leave it untreated preserving the lanolin found in animal wool. Lanolin is a type of oil that wooled animals produce that protects their wool and in effect their skin from water damage. Knowing that their husbands would be long periods of time at sea the woman of the community would use lanolin infused wool to knit sweaters that were almost waterproof.
    While Aran knit sweaters were initially used by fishermen to stay warm on the seas today their purpose has extended beyond functionality and crossed into fashion. We’ve taken a classic sweater that was created because of a need and brought it forth into the modern day with a few upgrades. One of these upgrades is the shift from raw scratchy wool to the use of ultra-soft merino wool.
    Merino wool comes from the Merino Sheep, a type of sheep that have been bred and raised for it’s softly textured wool. Unlike other wool merino wool is great for clothing of all types and has added benefits, like natural fire retardation and its ability to rest against the skin without being irritating. Merino wool can also be worn in both the summer and the winter thanks to its breathability. It’s great at trapping heat to keep you warm and breathing out heat to keep you cool, while also wicking away sweat so you’ll stay nice and dry.
    Our merino wool Aran knit sweaters are a great take on traditional Aran knitwear. You’ll feel cozy and snug no matters the season in our Irish knit sweaters. You can also enjoy the beautiful stitch design Aran sweaters are most known for. It is believed by many that each stitch type symbolizes something different. The most known stitch seen on many Aran sweaters is the cable pattern which is known to mean safety and luck. The honeycomb stitch is another pattern that is commonly seen on Aran sweaters and is the symbol of hard work and the rewards that come with it like the hardworking honeybee.
    In our collection of sweaters, you’ll see different patterns knit into our sweaters that combine to make an eye-catching piece. Whether you believe in the symbolism of the patterns or not you’ll love our sweaters for their high quality and attention to detail. All of our sweaters are made directly in Ireland and are knit to perfection, with some sweaters still being knit by hand. You can be sure that you are receiving an authentic and traditional sweater from Ireland that will help you stay true to your Irish roots. And if you’re not Irish you will love the craftsmanship created by a small Irish community and shared with the world.
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