Irish Cardigans

An iconic piece of fashion and history, the Irish cardigan has transcended time and tradition, becoming a staple in modern fashion. At Keilys, we offer a wide range of traditional Irish wool cardigans for women and men, designed to encapsulate the art of Irish knitwear in an authentic manner and perfectly fit into your wardrobe as timeless pieces. Our entire collection is made from fine Merino Wool, which is perfectly warm, with heat preserving and moisture kicking properties. Therefore, each cardigan feels like a warm hug, becoming the ideal piece for the cold season, but it is very breathable, thus being fit for chillier days of the warm season as well.

Traditionally Knit Irish Cardigans

Our Irish cardigans come in so many shapes and designs, meant to perfectly fit both men and women. Most of our pieces come with exquisite details, from buttons to zippers or pockets, they all have something unique to offer. For those who prefer the classics, we also have basic options, made to be easily styled with accessories or just embody the beauty of simplicity. Besides that, our Irish knit cardigans are made in a traditional manner, with traditional Irish knit patterns encapsulated in each design. Each stitch pattern comes with its own symbolism. From the simple cable stitch, which represents good fortune, to more intricate designs such as the honeycomb, a symbol for the sweet rewards of success or the blackberry, with the meaning of the connection to nature, we are sure you’ll find the perfect one for yourself or your dear ones here.

Are Irish cardigans high quality?

What’s truly outstanding about Irish people is the amount of passion and hardwork they put into everything they make. From the day it was born, the Irish cardigan was crafted with care and love. From the manufacturing process to the fine type of wool used in their making, these cardigans are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

How do you wear an Irish cardigan?

Due to the quality of the wool, which is very soft to the touch, Irish cardigans can be comfortably worn on their own but are also ideal for layering. Depending on the rest of your outfit and the way you decide to accessorize them, Irish cardigans can create both very feminine and very masculine looks.
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