Celtic Knot Ireland Tee

Celtic Knot Ireland Tee

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  • Our Celtic knot T-shirt is made from 100% cotton, a lightweight breathable material that will wear well in the summer.
  • A navy colored T-shirt with a bright-colored Celtic knot placed directly on the center of the chest area.
  • Above the Celtic knot in the center of the chest, the word Ireland is placed.
  • With short sleeves and a crew neck, this T-shirt can be worn on its own or you can easily layer our t-shirt.
  • Celtic knots have been a part of Irish history since the 7th century, has continued to be a symbol of Ireland.
If you want a T-shirt with a graphic print our Celtic knot T-shirt will become one of your go to’s. The bold graphic design on our T-shirt adds a bit of style to your look, transforming a simple T-shirt into a piece of Irish art. You can achieve a casual look with our shirt and it pairs well with denim or khaki. It's great to wear on its own in the summer months due to its ¾ sleeves. Or you can layer it in the cooler months. Our T-shirt comes in a solid shade of navy and has a bright colored printed logo across the chest.

A large single Celtic knot sits center and above the knot is the word Ireland. Celtic knots have always been a large part of Irish history and art. Celtic knots first began showing up in Ireland around the early 7th century during a time when Irish missionaries were evangelizing. Because this was a time of great traveling and learning the knowledge of knotwork was quickly spread. The famous manuscripts the Book of Kells, the Book of Darrow, and the Lindisfarne Gospels are most notable for the knots artistically depicted in their illustrations.

Over the years knotwork has taken many different forms, ranging from metalwork, jewelry, paintings, and carvings. People would even incorporate Celtic knotwork into their weapons, usually on sword handles. Originally knotwork was used to elevate and glorify the objects they were incorporated into. The Book of Kells, for example, is about the Gospels and yet it is almost overflowing with knotwork. Today when artists create knotwork the knotwork itself is the main focus. Our Celtic knot T-shirt takes inspiration from the ancient art to add a classic Irish staple to its esthetic. When wearing our T-shirt there will be no doubt that you are showing your Irish pride.
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